Metakids believes that collaboration within the metabolic research field is essential in achieving intended goals. Metakids therefore supports the partnership of six academic metabolic centers and patient association VKS: United for Metabolic Diseases (UMD).

Funding by Metakids

In addition to the support for UMD, Metakids distinguishes the following types of grants:

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Grant Application Thematic Research 2024

According to Metakids, scientific research is crucial for making progress in the fight against metabolic diseases. For this reason, Metakids has determined, in collaboration with UMD, to free up funds in 2024 to make new scientific research financially possible.

The subsidy round (also called a call) with the theme ‘Focus on therapy’ is now open. The deadline for submitting applications is April 26 2024. For more information about this call and the instructions for submitting applications, please consult the document ‘Announcement of subsidy round 2024’. The pre-application form can also be downloaded below. If you have any questions, please contact Ina van der Velde, i.vandervelde@metakids or 020 612 22 61.

Announcement of subsidy round 2024 (Dutch)

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Metakids Grant Application Form



Metakids forms

All applications and reports are assessed by an independent Scientific Advisory Board (SAB). The SAB advises the boardmembers of Metakids and is supported by a non-fixed review panel of (international) experts.

For reporting on ongoing projects, researchers must use the standard reporting forms and the guideline (in English). Reports are both substantive and financial. For multi-year projects, annual interim reports are also required in addition to the final report.

Metakids financial conditions

The (Dutch) Financing Conditions of Metakids can be downloaded here:

Financing Conditions of Metakids (in Dutch)

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PDF 248 KB

For more information about financing research projects through Metakids please contact Ina van der Velde, projectmanager internal affairs & funding policy: or +31 (0)20-612 22 61.